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Sig P938 Threaded Barrel Available

April 7th, 2014 No comments

Sig finally started shipping the P938 threaded barrels! They were first announced and put on display a year ago at SHOT Show but like many new releases in this industry, the lead time from the concept to production is not timely (about 15 months in this case).

The barrel should drop right into a standard 9mm P938 slide (note the specificity since there is now a P938 in .22lr).

The thread pitch is 1/2×28 and the thread cap is included. The Sig part number is BBL-938-9-T.

Order the barrel in our store today!

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P938 Threaded Barrel Coming Soon

September 4th, 2013 No comments

It looks like Sig is finally readying the P938 threaded barrel that they teased back at SHOT 2013. The part number is BBL-938-9-T. We’ll post an update as soon as they start shipping.

Below are a few photos of a suppressed P938 from SHOT.

Crimson Trace LG-492 for P238 / P938

May 16th, 2013 No comments

We now have the Crimson Trace LG-492 laser for the P238 / P938 trigger guard in stock.

The Crimson Trace laser offers one notable advantage over Sig Sauer’s X38-TGL – it has the front pressure activation pad rather than a button on the side of the laser unit. It is instinctive to squeeze the pistol and you don’t have to think to reach for a button to turn the laser on. Also, since the laser only remains on when pressure is applied, you don’t have to worry about draining the battery by inadvertent activation.

The LG-492 that we are offering includes a free holster! Below are photos and you can see the laser and holster.

Order the laser in our store!

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P938 Nightmare Shipping

May 23rd, 2012 1 comment

Sig Sauer just started shipping the new P938 Nightmare and we’ve got some photos and a quick video to share.

The 938 was announced back in late 2011 but the first batch has just started to ship. I have some initial thoughts on the 938, especially when compared to the Solo.

The video calls out most of the features but below are the highlights:

  • The P938 should be more gracious with ammo compatibility compared to the Solo. The Solo ships with a paper outlining the brands and specific types of ammo recommended for the Solo. We’re told by our Sig rep that the 938 should eat just about any regular 9mm (including 115gr rounds).
  • The P938 is less expensive than the Solo and given the features, offers more bang for the buck. The 938 has front and back strap checkering while the standard Solo does not.
  • The P938 has an ambidextrous safety and night sights.
  • The slide serrations are larger and more aggressive than on the Solo allowing for better slide grip. Additionally, the weight of the recoil spring on the Sig seems to be lighter than the Solo making it easier to rack the slide.

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Sig P938 Nightmare

April 2nd, 2012 5 comments

Sig has revealed a new P938 pistol – the Nightmare. To date none of the P938 pistols have shipped but the factory anticipates shipments to begin soon.

The P938 Nightmare is expected to be available in very limited supplies, with dealers receiving no more than two.

We will post additional details and photos as information becomes available.

Sig P938 Photos

January 17th, 2012 19 comments

We’ve got photos of the new Sig P938! Below are photos and Sig Sauer’s press release.

Sig P938

Sig P938 Equinox
Sig P938 Equinox

Sig P938 Rosewood
Sig P938 Rosewood

Sig P938 Blackwood
Sig P938 Blackwood

Sig P938 Extreme
Sig P938 Extreme

The above Extreme model shows the extended 7rd P938 magazine – it looks nearly identical to the P238 extended 7rd mag.

I do not yet have photos of the P938 SAS but I will be posting updates from the floor at SHOT Show ASAP.

All photos in this post are from Sig Sauer – watermarks have been added to prevent hot-linking.

P938 Press Release:

SIG SAUER® P938TM Packs 9mm Power Into P238®-sized Platform

The company’s smallest 9mm ever is based on one of its best-selling pistols

EXETER, NH (January 2012) — With the introduction of the P938, SIG SAUER now offers the ballistic advantage of the 9mm cartridge in a platform similar in size to the best-selling P238 pistol.

A single-action-only trigger, coupled with full-size SIGLITE® Night Sights makes the P938 handle like a much larger pistol, yet is still easy to carry concealed.

“As soon as the P238 was introduced, we began to see demand for a 9mm version,” said Ron Cohen, SIG SAUER President and Chief Executive Officer. “We wanted to maintain the P238 accuracy and reliability, while providing the extra punch of the larger caliber.”

With dimensions just slightly larger than its .380ACP counterpart, the P938 packs six plus one rounds of 9mm into an all-metal frame. The cocked-and-locked single-action trigger gives the P938 unmatched accuracy in a pistol its size.

Fans of the 1911 will find the thumb safety, magazine release and slide stop lever in familiar places. An ambidextrous safety makes the P938 easy for left- and right-handed shooters. An extended seven-round magazine will be available separately.

The most compact 9mm in the SIG SAUER product line, the P938 will be available in five configurations.

  • Rosewood: Features a Nitron®-coated stainless steel slide over a dark hard anodized alloy frame. Hogue® Rosewood Grips round out this package.
  • Blackwood: A natural stainless steel slide and black hard coat anodized alloy frame are paired with Hogue Blackwood grips.
  • Extreme: Following in the footsteps of other Extreme models, this P938 has a Nitron-coated stainless slide and black anodized frame. Hogue G-10 Piranha grips in black and grey provide maximum grip and a distinctive look.
  • SAS: The SIG Anti-Snag treatment removes all sharp edges and corners on the slide and frame. A natural stainless steel slide contrasts with the black hard coat anodized alloy frame and the stippled walnut grips.
  • Equinox: A polished Nitron two-tone slide is paired with a black hard coat anodized frame. Tru-Glo® front and SIGLITE rear sights and Hogue black Diamondwood grips complete this package.

See larger photos of these pistols by clicking the thumbnail below:

Sig P938 Specs

January 7th, 2012 23 comments

We’ve got the specs for Sig Sauer’s P938 sub compact 9mm pistol available. The table below shows both the P938 and P238 specs for comparison

P238 P938
Caliber .380 ACP 9mm
Action Type SAO SAO
Trigger Pull 7.5 – 8.5 lbs 5 LB (could be incorrect – probably more like 7.5 lb)
Length 5.5″ 5.9″
Height 3.9″ 3.9″
Width 1.1″ 1.1″
Barrel Length 2.7″ 3.0″
Sight Radius 3.8″ 4.0″
Weight w/ empty mag 15.2 oz (Alloy)18.0 oz (Stainless) 17.1 oz
Sights Contrast or Night Sights Night Sights
Frame material Alloy or Stainless Alloy
Frame finish Black Hard Coat Anodized or Stainless Black Hard Coat Anodized
Slide Material Stainless Stainless
Slide Finish Nitron or Stainless Nitron or Stainless
Other Ambi-Safety Beavertail, Ambi-Safety

The most important thing to take away from this chart is that the overall dimensions and weight on the P938 are almost identical to that of the P238. It is just .4″ longer overall and weighs just 8/10ths of an ounce more than a regular alloy frame P238.

The P938 will have an extended length 7rd magazine that will be very similar to the P238 7rd magazine.

P938 vs Kimber Solo – Specs

Below is a comparison of the P938 specs versus the Kimber Solo, one of the most desirable concealed carry pistols on the market today. One of the big differences of the P938 versus the Solo is that it is single action only and has a thumb safety. The trigger pull is also 2 pounds lighter.

P938 Kibmer Solo
Caliber 9mm 9mm
Action Type SAO Single Action Striker- Fired
Trigger Pull 5 LB 7 LB
Length 5.9″ 5.5″
Height 3.9″ 3.9″
Width 1.1″ .995″
Barrel Length 3.0″ 2.7″
Sight Radius 4.0″ 4.4″
Weight w/ empty mag 17.1 oz 17.0 oz
Sights Night Sights Fixed 3-dot white or Night Sights (Solo CDP)
Frame material Alloy Aluminum
Frame finish Black Hard Coat Anodized KimPro II
Slide Material Stainless Stainless
Slide Finish Nitron or Stainless Satin Silver Color
Safety/mag release Ambi-Safety Ambi-Safety, Ambi-Mag Release
MSRP $795 – $838 $725- $1223

The main thing to take away from the comparison between the P938 and Solo is that the P938 is just a little bigger but for the features offered, the P938 offers more bang for the buck. Nearly all the P938 models price right in with the lower two Solo models. The trigger on the P938 is lighter, and the 938.

Finally, I’ve heard that the P938 won’t be anywhere near as picky about the type of ammo you use. The Solo requires at least a 124gr bullet and Kimber has a published list of recommended ammo types. I don’t think that this will be necessary for the Sig. Given the height of the new Sig, the extended length 7rd P937 magazine should be pretty high in demand.

Update 1-8-12 – the above Sig specs came from the 2012 catalog. It appears that there is a typo for the P238 trigger pull weight in the catalog as it indicates a 5lb trigger pull – unless the trigger has been lightened. The Sig Sauer website shows the trigger pull at 7.5 – 8.5 lbs for the P238 so one would expect the pull on the P938 to be the same. I’ll try to bring a Lyman trigger pull gauge to SHOT and put one of the 938’s to the test myself.

Update 1-9-12 9:20 AM – The P938 may have an ambi-safety. I was unable to determine from the specs and a commenter pointed out that previous indicators suggested that it did. I’ll try to clarify ASAP and make updates.

Update 1-9-12 9:22 AM – I’ve confirmed that the p938 will have an ambi-safety and have updated the above specs accordingly.

Update 1-16-12 – I just received word that the  P938 will support the same trigger guard laser as the P238 (238-TGL). It seems logical that the Crimson Trace LG-492 will work on the 938 too.

Sig P938 Magazine Information

December 29th, 2011 2 comments

We have already placed a sizable order for magazines for Sig Sauer’s new P938 pistol. The pistol is not available yet but we’ll be seeing some of the first ones that ship.

We were able to place an order for the P938 magazines – they will be available in both 6 and 7 round capacities.

The P938 7rd magazine (extended length) has a part number of MAG-938-9-7 while the P938 6rd magazine has a part number of MAG-938-9-6.

As soon as the new magazines are available and in stock, we’ll post an update with pricing, photos, and ordering information.

Sig Sauer P938

November 21st, 2011 24 comments

I just posted our new model list showing the 2012 additions to Sig Sauer’s line.

One of the most notable addition to the line is the P938. I just got a bit more info and the name pretty much gives it away.

The P938 is going to be very similar to the P238 but slightly larger and chambered in 9mm. This pistol will have an aluminum frame, stainless slide, night sights, and a 6rd magazine capacity. As soon as we have photos we’ll post them. We are unsure when shipments will begin but we’ll have them on order ASAP.

The models are:

P938 ROSEWOOD, Black Nitron Finish, SLITE Night Sights, Rosewood Grips, Ambi Safety

P938 BLACKWOOD, Two-Tone, SLITE Night Sights, Blackwood Grips, Ambi Safety

P938 EXTREME, Black Nitron Finish, SLITE Night Sights, Hogue Extreme G10 Grips, Ambi Safety, 7rd Magazine

P938 EQUINOX, Two-Tone Polished Nitron Finish, TRUGLO / SIGLITE Night Sights, Blackwood Grips, Ambi Safety

P938 SAS, Two-Tone, Dehorning, SLITE Night Sights, Brown Goncalo Checkered Wood Grips, Ambi Safety

Sig’s Fall Refresh

October 2nd, 2013 3 comments

Sig provided their 2014 model lineup to dealers this week and with it included a number of new firearms and accessories.

Of all the additions, the most notable to us is a 1911 chambered in .38 Super. The 1911’s in 9mm and .40 are still in the list so it appears Sig intends to eventually produce them. The P210 Legend Super Target is also back in the price list (it was dropped from the 2013 list). We are also seeing the addition of a P938 Scorpion as well as M400 upper receivers.

So without further ado, here are the additions: Read more…

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