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P238 Crimson Trace Laser (LG-492) Coming

December 10th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Sig Sauer P238 laser by Crimson Trace

Update: 3-29-11

There is a Crimson Trace $50 mail in rebate available for the LG-492 lasers and other Crimson Trace grips. With the rebate and the sale price on this model, you can get the laser for $125 after rebate. See details on the rebate in our blog.

Update: 2-28-2011

The Sig P238 Crimson Trace laser has started shipping and we have received a bunch of them. See specs and order them in our store.

Update: 1-27-2011

I spoke with Crimson Trace today and they are anticipating the new P238 Crimson Trace laser grips will be ready to start shipping on February 15th. We’ll be placing an order for them next week and we will stock them as soon as possible. The P238 Crimson Trace will probably be one of the biggest selling accessories next to the 7rd extended X-Grip magazines.

Original post:

The Sig Sauer 238-TGL (trigger guard laser) has been very popular since the P238 makes such a great concealed carry handgun.We just received information that Crimson Trace has a P238 laser coming early next year.

The model number is LG-492 and it will also fit over the trigger guard much like the 238-TGL.

The LG-492 has one primary benefit over the Sig laser – it is activated by squeezing the grip with your third finger (the laser looks a lot like the LCP laser). With the popularity of the Sig 238-TGL, I’m sure the 238 Crimson Trace will be even more popular.

The MSRP on this laser is $209 and we expect shipping to start early next year.

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