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Sig Sauer Suppressors

October 25th, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

The rumor mill is starting up. It seems that Sig Sauer is producing suppressors and they may have some ready to go in time for a SHOT Show 2013 unveiling… We will post any updates / updated info here as it becomes available.

See http://soldiersystems.net/2012/10/24/ausa-sig-sauer/

Sig Sauer has been pushing their line of short barrel rifles so it is no surprise that they would produce suppressors too. The 516 uppers produced by Sig have a multi-position gas system with a suppressor setting. Hopefully they will design a flash hider that mounts on their SBR and allows easy maintenance of the gas system without removal of the flash hider.

I currently run a 516 10″ upper paired with an AAC 7.62 SD suppressor and the gas system cannot be serviced without removing the flash hider.

Update: It sounds like the suppressors initially release will be thread on – no quick detach models.

Update 10-26-12: I have been told that initially there will suppressors in the following calibers: .22lr, 9mm, 5.56, and .308. There probably will not be a .45 ACP suppressor at the launch.

I have seen photos of a near production (or perhaps a full production model) of the 9mm suppressor and it looks pretty slick.

I’m also hearing rumors that there will be a semi auto Sig Sauer SMG. This would be a SBR so it will be regulated as a NFA item. The SMG will have somewhat unique design and a charging handle unlike the H&K MP5 style release. I was told that a concept / demo model photo may be floating around the interwebs but I have not been able to find it.

  1. bill chong
    January 14th, 2013 at 14:15 | #1

    i am in the market for a supressor and threaded barrel for my p228 sig sauer. will you notify me when one becomes avaiable and the purchase price for the item(s)?

  2. J repika
    January 15th, 2013 at 18:43 | #2

    Can I purchase a suppressor for a Sig Sauer for a sp2022

  3. January 16th, 2013 at 07:56 | #3

    It depends a lot on the state where you reside. The laws vary by state. Where do you live?

  4. January 16th, 2013 at 07:56 | #4

    Feel free to email our sales rep chris@osagecountyguns.com and he can assist you.

  5. bill chong
    January 16th, 2013 at 09:38 | #5

    please refer to my email listed above dated january 14 above. all of it still applies. if you have information on manufacturers other than sig sauer, i would appreciate them also. thank you.

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