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P238’s in Massachusetts

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We had an inquiry today about the legality and availability of P238 pistols in Massachusetts. A customer was looking for a specific model, the P238 HD and said local dealers in Massachusetts did not stock them. He wondered if they were legal in his state. I really wasn’t sure since we very rarely ship firearms to his home state but I called our Sig Sauer rep and asked for info.

Here is the run down….

Massachusetts, like California, has an approved handgun list. They have specific requirements on features the pistols must have to be approved. One feature is a serial number on both the slide and frame. To my knowledge, this is the only state that has this particular requirement. In addition to the serial number, there is some sort of approval process. I’m not totally familiar with this process.

Currently, there are five P238 models that are legal in Massachusetts…. They are the Blackwood grip model, Equinox, Rainbow Titanium, Rosewood grip model, and TL (tactical laser model). The model number will have an M in it to indicate Massachusetts. For example, the Equinox part number would be 238-380-EQM or 238-380-EQ-M. I’m not sure if there is a dash in there or not.

Since MA is the only state to have the serial number requirement, dealers in other states likely will not have the MA compliant models. We do not stock them since it is a separate SKU and likely more expensive than the regular models for the other states.

If you are a Massachusetts resident shopping for a P238, I can only recommend checking around locally. If you are looking for P238 accessories, you can buy them from us or other online retailers.

See the Massachusetts Government site explaining their gun control laws. You can download the December 2010 approved firearm list here.

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