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Photos of Sig’s SB-15

We got our hands on a SB-15 brace and snapped the photos below. The SB-15 is already available from Sig Sauer but we only received a demo unit to date. We are waiting on a sizable delivery and we will then post them for sale.

The SB-15 is marketed as an AR-15 pistol brace that fits over the buffer tube. The device uses a velcro strap to secure the device to your forearm. The SB-15 was designed to aid shooters that have physical problems using both hands to fire an AR pistol.

It is worth noting that this is probably most functional when used with a 7″ upper and a standard handguard or lightweight rail. I tested it on my 516 pistol which has a 10″ rail and the amount of strain on my arm was incredibly uncomfortable. I suspect that the lighter / shorter upper will be much more comfortable.

You will see in the photos below that there is an ATF letter of approval for the SB-15 brace.

See more information about Sig’s SB-15 brace.

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