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  • New 1911 Super Target Pistols!

    Sig typically rolls out a few new models every summer which helps break up the mundane lack of launches (until SHOT Show). This summer they're rolling out a pair of 1911's and a new engraved P238.

    The newest additions to the 1911 line are the 1911 Nitron Super Target and the 1911 Stainless Super Target, both chambered in .45 ACP.


    The pair of new pistols will share similar features except the finish and grips. The Nitron model will have Walnut grips and the stainless will have Scandic Birch grips. MSRP is $2055 for either model.

    The part number on the Nitron model is 1911-45-B-STGT and the stainless version is 1911-45-S-STGT.

    Features include:

    • Fiber optic front sight
    • Adjustable target rear sight
    • Serrated slide top
    • Stainless steel frame (stainless or Nitron finish)
    • Stainless steel slide (stainless or Nitron finish)
    • Skeletonized combat hammer
    • Sig engraving mark on left side of slide
    • Lightweight skeletonized trigger
    • Front strap checkering
    • Custom wood grips with integrated magwell


    • Caliber: .45 ACP
    • Overall length: 8.7 in
    • Overall height: 5.5 in
    • Overall width: 1.4 in
    • Barrel length: 5.0 in
    • Sight radius: 6.5 in
    • Weight with magazine: 41.6 oz
    • Frame material: stainless
    • Frame finish: Nitron or stainless depending on model
    • Slide material: stainless
    • Slide finish: Nitron or stainless depending on model
    • Magazine capacity: 8 rounds
    • Trigger: SAO
    • Trigger pull: 5.0 lbs

    Below are the Sig catalog sheets on the Nitron model:



  • End of an Era? German X-Series Imports End

    We recently heard that Sig Sauer will be shifting production of all German made handguns to the US. The recent issues with the German government may be a contributing factor but there could be other reasons for the move. We don't know if the German facility will continue production for Europe of if that will cease.

    We recently saw Sig shift production of the non X-Series stainless steel frames to the US when they were previously produced in Germany. This includes the Stainless Elite frames as well as other frames used on models like the 226-9-SSS, E26R-9-SBSS, and E26R-9-RTSS. It seems all three of those are now being discontinued, even with New Hampshire building stainless frames.

    Sig Sauer New Hampshire probably won't import any more pistols from Germany which leaves the remaining inventory to service the states until New Hampshire starts production of the company's top tier of handguns. This includes P210 pistols. The question then is what will happen to Sig Sauer's German operations? We don't yet have an answer.

    Last year Sig revised the P226 X5 and X6 line with the updated Enhanced X5 and X6 models but we have yet to see a P220 X6 Enhanced. As of this posting there are still quite a few German non-Enhanced and Enhanced X-Series pistols available for sale both through our store and others but the supply will probably dry up pretty quickly.

    We have not yet obtained an estimated timeframe for when Sig Sauer will be producing the X5/X6 models in New Hampshire but we suspect they will ramp up production as quickly as possible.

    We'll post updates here as additional information becomes available.

  • Sig Sauer MFG Rifle Rebate

    We just received a marketing package from Sig and they are running a mail in rebate program during the month of July for rifles.

    Below is the rebate form and you can download a PDF copy as well.

    Sig rifle mail in rebate

    Here is the text from the rebate:

    Mail in the completed form with a copy of the dealer receipt along with product ID label and serial # label from your rifle box and affix them to the form.
    Receive cash back on the purchase of the following rifles*
    $200 with purchase of any SIG716©
    $200 with purchase of SIGM400© or SIG516© Carbon Models
    $150 with purchase of any other SIGM516
    $100 with purchase of any other SIGM400
    *excludes SIG556xi©, SIG522©, SSG3000©, TACTICAL 2, SIG50©and SIGMPX©.
    Valid on purchases made from July 1 to July 31, 2014
    All requests must be postmarked by August 23, 2014
    Limit 1 per customer, cannot be combined with any other offer.
  • Sig P938 Threaded Barrel Available

    Sig finally started shipping the P938 threaded barrels! They were first announced and put on display a year ago at SHOT Show but like many new releases in this industry, the lead time from the concept to production is not timely (about 15 months in this case).

    The barrel should drop right into a standard 9mm P938 slide (note the specificity since there is now a P938 in .22lr).

    The thread pitch is 1/2x28 and the thread cap is included. The Sig part number is BBL-938-9-T.

    Order the barrel in our store today!

  • Sig PSB Usage / Shouldering not determined to be creating SBR

    It seems that a sergeant in Colorado made an inquiry to the ATF regarding the intended usage of the Sig Sauer Pistol Stabilizing Brace (PSB).

    The ATF clearly explained in their response that shouldering does not change the classification and does not classify the pistol as a SBR!

    Download a copy of the letter / read the text below:

    Dear Sgt. Bradley:

    This is in response to your communication dated January 24, 2014, to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). Your -mail was forwarded to the ATF Firearms Technology Branch (FTB), Martinsburg, West Virginia, for reply. In your note, you ask about firing an AR-15 type pistol from the shoulder; specifically, if doing so would cause the pistol to be reclassified as a Short Barreled Rifle (SBR).

    For the following reasons we have determined that firing a pistol from the shoulder would not cause the pistol to be reclassified as an SBR:

    FTB classifies weapons based on their physical design characteristics. While usage/functionality of the weapon does influence the intended design, it is not the sold criterion for determining the classification of a weapon. Generally speaking, we do not classify weapons based on how an individual uses a weapon.

    FTB has previously determined (see FTB # 99146) that the firing of a weapon from a particular position, such as placing the receiver extension of an AR-15 type pistol on the user's shoulder, does not change the classification of a weapon. Further, certain firearm accessories such as the Sig Stability Brace have not been classified by FTB as shoulder stocks and, therefore, using the brace improperly does not constitute a design change. Using such an accessory improperly would not change the classification of the weapon per Federal law. However, FTB cannot recommend using a weapon (or weapon accessory) in a manner not intended by the manufacturer.

    We thank you for your inquiry and trust the foregoing has been responsive.

    Sincerely yours,


    Earl Griffith

    Chief, Firearms Technology Branch

    This further solidifies the legality of the PSB!

  • Customer 1911 Video from Ferrari Steve

    One of our customers posted a great video of his Sig 1911 TACOPS, threaded barrel, and Wilson Combat mags! Check out the video below:

  • Sig 1911 .45 / .22 LR Promo

    Sig is running a new promotion through select dealers where you get a free 1911-22 with the purchase of one of six 1911 pistols chambered in .45 ACP. The promotion will only be available through certain dealers and you'll get the 1911-22 with the .45 (no rebate forms or anything special - you'll take both home at the same time).

    A copy of the advertisement is below but the included SKU's are:

    • 1911U-45-TSS
    • 1911R-45-TACOPS
    • 1911CO-45-T-C3
    • 1911-45-SPARTAN
    • 1911FCA-45-NMR
    • 1911R-45-SSS-CA

    We will be offering this promotion via our website - we are expecting deliveries of the promo pistols in the next week or two. As soon as we receive shipments we'll post an update with links to purchase the package.


  • New Sig Sauer Platform: P320

    Sig Sauer has a new platform coming out which will be very similar to the P250 and it is the P320.

    The P320 is going to be a modular striker fired handgun with modularity like the P250.

    The P320 will be available in sub-compact, compact, and full size frames (grip shells) and the same sizes for slides. Calibers will likely include 9mm, .40 S&W, .357 Sig, and .45 ACP. I have not seen anything to suggest that .22 LR will be offered but I feel Sig is missing the boat if they don't make that caliber available. Currently the P220, P226, and P229 can be converted from centerfire calibers down to .22 LR with the separate conversion kit.

    When we obtain new information about the P320 we will post updates - this may not happen until next week at SHOT Show.

  • Sig Sauer 716 18" 3-Gun Rifle

    Yesterday we received a shipment of the new Sig Sauer 716 "3-Gun" rifles.  This rifle has many features we have seen on the 716 Patrol including a 4-position piston operating system, flip-up front and rear iron sights, and a quad rail (albeit slightly longer). You even get the durable Magpul 20-Round PMAG, but two this time around compared to one on the Patrol rifle. The differences may not be easy to spot, however there are some notable upgrades which make this rifle stand out from the standard Patrol rifle (or other Sig Sauer AR-style rifles we have seen thus far).

    First and foremost, this rifle ships in a very nice hard plastic case similar to the SSG 3000 case. New is the 18" Heavy Barrel - it's threaded and includes a thread cap. This may very well be the same barrel we will find on the R716 'Precision Marksman' when it's eventually released. Next, a TI-7 stock sits on the buffer tube with QD sockets on either side which you can use in combination with the included 2-point QD sling. This stock feels strong and sturdy - a fine addition to the rifle. Also welcomed is an upgraded latch on the charge handle to give a better grip, especially while wearing gloves. While on the subject of gloves, a Magpul Winter Trigger Guard sits nicely under the trigger. A raised letter 'G' is cast on the side of the new trigger, a hint that you will have something better than the standard Mil-Spec we've been accustomed to. In place of this basic unit Sig Sauer has installed a Geissele 2-Stage Trigger to complete the 3-Gun package.

    The rifle pictured is being shipped to a friend who is a police officer in Illinois where it will be put through its paces.  We will post any pictures and thoughts he can provide from a law enforcement perspective after he is able to fully vet the rifle.



    And now the moment you've been waiting for:

  • M400 Pistol FDE

    Sig is coming out with a new M400 pistol with flat dark earth Magpul furniture and a flat dark earth Pistol Stabilizing Brace.

    This variation will be welcomed as the other available model, the M400 Swat pistol, has a heavier quad rail adding more front end weight. Given the intentions of the brace, it makes sense to keep the weight as low as possible.

    Below is a photo of the M400 FDE Pistol:


    We don't yet have an ETA on initial deliveries but I suspect the only holdup is the FDE PSB. The other parts should be readily available.

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